Welcome to Moore Trees

Moore Trees LLC is a shade tree nursery operation based in Champaign County Illinois. The main operation is currently a farm west of Champaign on Route 150. 

We currently harvest between 2,000 and 3,000 trees per year.  We also sell tree to wholesale customers throughout the Midwest. In addition, we have a large tree spade and move between 100 and 200 large trees per year for The Atkins Group and retail customers.

Services Provided

  • Retail, Commercial, & Wholesale
  • Balled & Burlap Tree Spade Work
  • Balled & Burlap Installation
  • 90″ Big John Tree Spade

Take any tree to your home and add instant shade and instant value. We can move trees from 5” caliper up to 9” caliper any time of year. We are busiest in the fall and early spring. We will move your tree professionally, give you instructions for maintenance, and follow up to be sure that your tree is growing well.

Call for pricing and tree availability for your project: (217) 202-1383


General Manager – Jim Goss
Office (217) 202-1383
Fax (217) 693-5572

Billing Address:
2805 S. Boulder Dr.
Urbana, IL 61802

Hours: Monday -Friday 6:00-2:30